Experienced full stack developer with a history of effective collaboration, a commitment to open communication, and delivering outstanding software.

Leaf Trade

Senior Software Engineer Jan/2022 - Feb/2023

Responsible for implementing coding best practices, including writing frontend tests and documentation that improved the quality of the codebase. Reduced page load time by over 80% by optimizing database queries and inefficient React and Django code. Created and maintained architecture decision records to help communicate technical solutions to stakeholders. Mentored junior engineers utilizing pair programming and thoughtful pull request feedback to help develop their skills.


Engineering Manager April/2020 - Jan/2022

Coordinated company project requirements with 10+ other engineering teams. Architected projects to improve the performance of the automated approvals process. Helped stabilize test suite for monolith PHP app and k8s infrastructure.


Engineering Manager Mar/2019 - Apr/2020

Responsible for mentoring/managing engineers, architecting solutions, and reviewing/writing code. Led efforts to increase application security and PCI compliance, upgrade application to the latest Rails version, and improve performance.


Lead Software Engineer Oct/2010 - Mar/2019

Tribune Technology

Senior Software Engineer Aug/2009 - Oct/2010

Gorilla Group

Application Developer Jul/2006 - Aug/2009